Welcome.   I have been creating art for as long as I can remember.  I am a self
    taught artist.  I have a passion for unique and sometimes risqué art.  When I see
    something breathtaking...my mind says "I want to learn to do that", so I have
    experienced many different art mediums to express my creativity.

    I am a very detailed person and try to include as much detail into my art as
    possible. Some would say..."no one will notice".  I think people who appreciate art
    will notice, I would notice.   I have been inspired by  many outstanding artists that
    offer their creations on eBay.     They are the reason I chose to learn about
    polymer clay.   I consider their sculptures "fine art".  

I joined a wonderful group in October 2005, "Beginner's Polymer Clay Art Guild", where I have formed many
friendships and learned much about polymer clay and techniques.   Early this year, I joined an eBay group,
"Art Dolls Sculpture Group", (ADSG).  This has been a fantastic experience for me. I have learned so much
from the experienced sculptors and feel comfortable sharing my thoughts  with the group.

I love the polymer clay medium.   I love glitter.  I love microbeads.  I love wings and tails and quirky faces and
beautiful faces.   I love it all!  I love making Faes, Imps, Mermaids and anything that pops into the brain
pan.    I love the artwork of Erté, Alberto Vargas (famous in the 50's and 60's as an illustrator for Playboy
magazine), I am amazed at the detail and movement in the fantasy art of Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta.

Does the clay speak to me?  No...I speak to it.   I have a vision and the clay is the tool to make the vision
come alive.

Do I love the pieces I make?  Yes.  They are...after all, a piece of me...my thoughts in dimension.

The Imps are all the things that get the better of me.
The Fae's  are the beauty I aways wanted to have.
Mermaids represent the freedom to do as I please in a sea of reality.
Everything else makes me laugh..


Judith Ann