Imps and others, Sculptures of whimsy, unique
creatures of the far places within the imagination.
All sculptures are one of a kind creations made from mixed media including Prosculpt
Professional Polymer Clay, liquid polymer clay and are formed over a strong wire armature.   

I use premium heat set artist oil paint for facial detail and artist pastels for body tint.
All decorations and embellishments are of the finest quality.
What is a Lust Imp?  Invisible to most people.  They show themselves in the impulses and urges we feel...those things we know
we shouldn't do, but can't help ourselves.  They are the inner cravings of our deepest desires.  Even though they have wings
(sometimes fins), they can't really fly.  They just flit around from one day to the next.  Always in our imagination, our dreams and
our hearts.

Lust Imps are fun loving and mischievous...they give us ideas.  They make us do unexplainable and spontaneous things.

If you treat them right and nurture your dreams and imagination, the Imps will come out to play.  Your creativity will flourish and
you will laugh everyday.
Lust Imp, Heart's Desire
February 2008
Lust Imp, Witchazel
Oct 2007
Lust Imp, Slippery When Wet!
June 2007
Lust Imp, Love Goddess
February 2006
Lust Imp, Sugar Jones
December 2006
Photos are the property of My Wycked Ways - 2012
2009 Christmas Imps! Click images for larger view
Noelly Parton
Lust Imp, The Vamp
October 2009