The Ascent, 2012
A Dragon's Winter
This is my very first dragon, made back in 2009.  When challenged to make a
dragon, I thought a skeleton would be something unusual and not expected.

This dragon is made of a combination of Cernit polymer clay and Apoxie
Sculpt.  The bones are separate sections on wire and are slightly posable.

                                                (in private collection)
I love the Wyvern type of dragon ever since seeing the one in the movie Dragonslayer and again in Reign of
Fire.  Most of the dragons in the HP movies are also Wyverns.

Reading up on this type of dragon has also been an interesting journey.  They seem to be a bit more ferocious
and aggressive than the four legged kind.  But I think what I like the most is the balanced and streamlined look
of Wyverns.  Wyverns only have two hind legs.  The front legs are more like arms, but they are the wings.  
Dragons have four legs and wings.
Of all the dragons in the HP movies, I was drawn to the Ukrainian Ironbelly in HP, DH2.  
This captive dragon spent its life chained and tortured.  Looking upward and seeing the
light of day, it made it's way up the cavern walls to freedom and it's first flight.

This dragon measures 9 inches from the hindquarters to the tip of the nose (not includind
the tail).  It's about 8 inches in height.  The base adds another 2 inches to the height
making it a total of 10 inches tall.  

The Ironbelly is a One of a Kind sculpture created from polymer clay and Apoxie Sculpt
medium and has two rod and tube supports in the foot and front leg to keep her secure to
her base.  She still wears her leg irons and neck chains.

                                                    (in private collection)